Intuitive Eating

A Weightless Resolution for 2015

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Weight loss is the most common new years resolution. But in my office the other day, I heard a weightless resolution that was music to my ears. “I just want to heal,” she said. “I want to stop wishing I lived in someone else’s body. I want to stop abusing myself with food.”

“You’ve come to the right place, “ I replied with certainty. Most people need a bit more convincing that an internal shift in the way they see and treat their bodies is a more effective way to get healthy than the usual cut-out-carbs-and-get-to-the-gym resolution. Read More

When Your Daughter Starts Hating Her Body

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The Jenny Craig representative whispered my weight in my ear and wrote it down in the first box on my weekly weight log. The number rang like a death sentence in my 12-year old ear as I joined my mother for my first official attempt at dieting. The trip to the diet center was my mother’s loving and well-intended response to my growing body anxiety.

I was called an “elephant” at my new school and it broke both of our hearts. The obvious answer seemed that I should learn how to eat right so that I could lose weight and never again be bullied. What neither of us realized was that the diet actually colluded with the bully. It was a subtle and unintended message from my mother that the bully was right. He was simply pointing out my obvious flaw and I was the one who needed to change. Read More

I’ll Take That “To Go”

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Our stomachs can’t tell time. When the clock strikes noon, our bodies might not be ready to eat. Yet many of us are in the habit of eating by the clock instead of listening to our bodies. I learned how to honor my stomach. And I am teaching my children to do the same. 

Two plates of pasta and fruit sit in front of my children at a restaurant. My hungry son is devouring the food on his plate. My not-hungry daughter is sculpting her noodles into a statue. Read More

A Visual Dessert

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Ray Eames invented the “visual dessert” and served it to her dinner guests. It is a wonderful example that dessert doesn’t always have to be food. It can be anything we find sweet.

I recently watched the documentary EAMES: The Architect and the Painter. It portrays the life and artistic contributions of Charles and Ray Eames, a couple who are regarded as some of America’s most important designers.

In it, their friend, Kevin Roche, tells a story about a dinner he attended in their home. When the main course ended, Ray Eames served three bowls of flowers for her guests to admire. She called it a “visual dessert”. Read More