Be liberated from the restricting-overeating cycle, food addiction and body shame.





Alison Ross, LMFT

Eating & Body Image Psychotherapist

Alison Ross is the Founder of Center for Eating Recovery in Agoura Hills. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in eating and body image. She developed a health coaching program called Heal the Hungry BrainTM that helps her clients to shift out of the weight watching mentality and into a healthy mindset, to stop unhealthy eating patterns including yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, binge eating and food addiction, and to improve body image.

In addition to her work at her Center, Alison is a consultant at the California Health & Longevity Center at the Four Seasons Resort in Westlake, CA and the Wellfit Wellness Resort in Malibu, CA where she facilitates workshops and teaches eating psychology and wellness classes. She has been a speaker in health and psychology classes at UCLA and regularly presents eating psychology classes and body image workshops in the community.

Alison has nearly twenty years of education, training and experience. She earned her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. She completed internships in private practice under Carolyn Costin, LMFT, at the Eating Disorder Center of California and at the Wright Institute Los Angeles/Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program. She served on the executive board of the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. She was a consultant at Harmony Place Drug & Alcohol Residential Treatment Center and Beit T’Shuvah where she helped to create an environment where clients can heal their relationship with food and their bodies while adjusting to a life of sobriety. In 2007, Alison assisted in the launch of the Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program for Teens.

Alison is a yoga enthusiast, mindfulness practitioner and a former yoga instructor. She earned her RYT from Yoga Alliance and a certificate from Sacred Movement. She lives in Agoura Hills, CA with her husband, two children and two dogs.

Jade Beall

Therapeutic Photographer & Author of Bodies of Women

We are so lucky that Jade Beall travels to Los Angeles each month to offer therapeutic photo shoots, sign her book and co-facilitate the Repair Your Reflection workshop. Jade Beall is the owner of Jade Beal Photography

and a world-renowned photographer specializing in truthful images of women to inspire feeling irreplaceably beautiful as a counter-balance to the airbrushed, Photoshopped imagery that dominates the media. Her recent work “A Beautiful Body Project” has touched 100,000′s of women’s lives and garnered global attention from media outlets including the BBC, The Huffington Post & beyond. Jade’s book series and media platform feature untouched photos of women alongside their stories of their journeys to build self-esteem in a world that thrives off women feeling insecure. Jade has been teaching her own blend of Afro-Fusion Dance classes for almost 10 years based on her dance training with Ballet Africains in Guinea, West Africa.

Jesslyn Shani

Certified Hynotherapist, C.Ht. & Founder, Clear Purpose Hypnosis

Jesslyn Shani is a Certified Hypnotherapist and the founder of Clear Purpose Hypnosis. She is experienced in using hypnosis for all areas of life improvement for men, women and children of all ages. Jesslyn earned her certification in Hypnotherapy through an intense and rigorous training program created by Roy Hunter and based on the work of the late Charles Tebbets. Jesslyn holds certificates in Pediatric Hypnosis, Birthing as Nature Intended and P.L.R.T by world renowned Dr. Brian Weiss. Jesslyn is a member of the National Hypnotists Guild as well as the International Medical, Dental and Hypnotherapist Assoc.