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March 2014

A Bowl of Body Hate for Breakfast?

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When I was twelve, Kelloggs ran an ad campaign that suggested that if I could pinch an inch of skin on my body, I had a weight problem. Kelloggs is just one tiny gear in a massive marketing machine that has fundamentally changed the way we think about our bodies. They dress up illness (extreme thinness) and call it beauty. By skewing what is normal, they put the majority of the population into a state of insecurity. It’s a strategy that’s good for the economy but bad for the consumer. We buy more to fix our perceived flaws but lose our sense of worth. I wrote this letter to Kelloggs because I didn’t want this legacy of body hate to be handed down to the next generation. Read More

Minute Meals – Lentil Soup w/ Turkey

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About this series: My clients feel overwhelmed when they realize what it takes to really care for themselves with food. And I understand. I admit to them that I think of myself as “…SO much work”. To be healthy, we have to give ourselves quite a bit of attention. Approximately six times a day we need to purchase or prepare a meal for ourselves. If we have kids and/or a spouse, multiply that need by the number of mouths in the home. For health, the foods we choose can’t be just anything. I suggest to my clients that they give themselves something enjoyable and nutritious whenever they’re hungry. That way, each meal or snack can be an experience that satisfies and nourishes the body and soul, preventing later food cravings. Read More