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September 2013

When Your Daughter Starts Hating Her Body

By | Body Image/Self Worth, Dieting, Emotional Eating, Intuitive Eating | One Comment

The Jenny Craig representative whispered my weight in my ear and wrote it down in the first box on my weekly weight log. The number rang like a death sentence in my 12-year old ear as I joined my mother for my first official attempt at dieting. The trip to the diet center was my mother’s loving and well-intended response to my growing body anxiety.

I was called an “elephant” at my new school and it broke both of our hearts. The obvious answer seemed that I should learn how to eat right so that I could lose weight and never again be bullied. What neither of us realized was that the diet actually colluded with the bully. It was a subtle and unintended message from my mother that the bully was right. He was simply pointing out my obvious flaw and I was the one who needed to change. Read More